Bill Hampton Glass Art Lethbridge

I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1938 and moved to Calgary as a small boy. My father started a trucking business and I because involved at age 15. The transportation industry kept be occupied until retirement in 2003. My wife Penny and I retired to Picture Butte, Alberta in 2003.

During our working years we had taken several vacations along the west coast visiting glass shops and artists in Portland, Seattle and along the west coast of BC. I developed an interest in glass art during these trips. Penny had been doing stained glass so we setup a home studio.

My main interest was in flame work and fusing. I am self taught through the internet and glass manufactures. I was always facinated by glass blowing and the other forms of glass art. The glass colors and fluidity have captured my imagination and I enjoy the unpredictability of glass when it forms to its own intention.

Everytime I open the kin in the morning, I am like a kid on Christmas morning. Now I am truly a glassaholic and love every minute!


Through failure comes success!

Be Happy & Enjoy!